Weaving with Fibres

Ordinary Fibres – Extraordinary Puppets

Adding Colour to Fabric

Look and Respond

Fabric and fibres can be used in so many ways. Take a look at how people have made art with them.

For Teachers

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The Three Little Pigs (Infants)

Let’s Explore Fabric (Infants)

A Portrait of Spring (1st/2nd)

Wonderful Weaving (3rd/4th)

Creative Stitching (3rd/4th)

Sock Puppets (3rd/6th)

Constructing  (All Levels)

Exploring & Creating  (All Levels)


Fabric – a generic term for materials such as wool, silk, cotton, nylon, etc.
Fibre – a generic term for strands, threads, strings, etc.Embroidery – decorating a fabric using fibres.
Hessian – a coarse open-weave fabric often called sacking or burlap.
Weaving – a means of creating a fabric from fibres. More>>