Unlocking the Hidden Things in Clay

Making Pots

Rolling & Decorating a Slab

Making a Bust

Look and Respond

What will you find in a ball of clay?  Have a look and see what others have found!

Let's Play

1. Lost Wax – Found Bronze

noisy_paintings 2. Greek Pot Painter

3. Paint a Pot


For Teachers

Plan a Lesson

Introducing Clay
Strange Creatures
Meet My Family (Infants)
Using Slabs of Clay
Gone Fishing (1st/2nd Class)
Pinch a Pot (1st/6th Class)
Coil a Pot (1st/6th Class)
Is This a Martian? (3rd/6th Class)
Heads (5th/6th Class)
Making Clay Masks & Models


Ceramics – glazed pottery created……
Firing – commercial pottery is baked ……
Glaze – the class like surface of ceramics…..
Harp – a wire tool used to cut clay…..
Kiln – a special oven used to ……
Natural Clay – Terracotta, buff …….
Slip – natural clay diluted with….. More>>


Geoffrey Healy’s site

Create Animal Habitats

PDST Clay Activities

Clay Projects on Pinterest

Terracotta Warriors

Clay Cows of Egypt

Video – Sprig Mould