Can you work with a slab?

slab02Step 1

First, roll out the slab. Then roll out coils of clay.

slab02Step 2

Use ‘slip’ to attach the coils to the slab. (Slip is a mixture of clay and water
that is used to join pieces of clay together)

slab04Step 3

You can texture the slabs too.

slab05Step 4

You can also build pots using slabs of clay. Join your slab firmly to the base, making sure the join is invisible. Have fun decorating your pot!

slab07Step 5

You can build with slabs. Score along the base of each ‘wall’ with a clay tool, pencil or stick.


slab08Step 6

Brush “slip” along the edge you have scored.


slab09Step 7

Join each side carefully, making sure the joins are invisible.


slab10Step 8

What could you use to make designs in the clay?