Can You Make a Loom?

 tools_loomStep 1

Firstly, collect the materials you’re going to use.

loom2Step 2

Draw about 8 parallel lines on a piece of card (about A4 size) using a ruler and pencil.

loom3Step 3

Cut a V-shape where each line meets the edge of the loom.

loom4Step 4

Knot a piece of strong twine and attach to the loom as shown here.

loom5Step 5

Wrap the twine around the loom covering the back and front of the loom. It will cover the pencil lines.

loom6Step 6

Secure the twine by crossing it at the back and tying the end of it to the knot.

loom7Step 7

Loop another piece of twine around each vertical strand, working your way across the bottom of the loom. This keeps the weaving from slipping off the loom.

Well done, you’ve made a loom. Now you can start weaving a piece of fabric on it!