Can You make a Monoprint?

monoprint02Step 1

Always use block-printing ink. Water based ink is best.

monoprint03Step 2

Learn how to roll out the correct amount – less is best!

monoprint04Step 3

Any kind of found object can be pressed into ink and then onto a surface to make a print.
You could use body parts, leaves or twigs, lego blocks, etc.

monoprint05Step 4

Print with sponges or other things you find in class.

monoprint06Step 5

Find things with interesting textures. Roll ink on them and make a print.

monoprint07Step 6

You can overprint as well. Overprinting simply means making a print, allowing it to dry and printing on it again.

monoprint08Step 7

Masking out means tearing or cutting shapes, laying them out on a surface and using a print tool (such as a sponge) to print around them.