Paint and Colour

Abstract – a non representational image.
Palette – a particular range of colour as selected by an artist.
Poster Paint – Water based paints.
Primary Colour – Red, Yellow or Blue.
Secondary Colour – Green, Orange or Purple.
Tone – changing a colour by adding white or black to it.


Ceramics – glazed pottery created from ceramic white clay.
Firing – commercial pottery is baked in an oven to make it durable and waterproof.
Glaze – the class like surface of ceramics and china.
Harp – a wire tool used to cut clay.
Kiln – a special oven used to fire/bake clay items.
Natural Clay – Terracotta, buff or ceramic clays.
Slip – natural clay diluted with water used as “clay glue”.

Fabric and Fibre

Fabric – a generic term for materials such as wool, silk, cotton, nylon, etc.
Fibre – a generic term for strands, threads, strings, etc.
Embroidery – decorating a fabric using fibres.
Hessian – a coarse open-weave fabric often called sacking or burlap.
Weaving – a means of creating a fabric from fibres.


Charcoal – porous black carbon drawing material usually in stick from.
Drawing – marks made on a surface.
Drawing tool – any utensil that is used to make a mark.
Line – path that joins any two points in space.
Pencil – a thin stick of graphite.
Sketch – a quickly created drawing usually used for reference.


Building – a purpose-built construction.
Diorama – a miniature stage setting.
Junk – found objects used by construction artists in their work.
Manufactured – made or created by people.
Materials – can refer to any art media used by artists.
Model – a 3D representation or art piece.
Space – an interior or exterior 3D area.
3D – three-dimensional, having form.


Bayer – technical name for a rubber printing roller.
Impressed print – when the printing block is created by carving out the surface.
Overprinting – allowing a print to dry and then printing on it again.
Monoprint – a technique designed to create one good print.
Relief print – usually a block printing technique where the printing block has raised sections.